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KashMakash Drama Title Song Download

Story of Kashmakash Drama :
'Kashmakash "is an exhibition of curiosity which explores the fine line between confidence and betrayal in the relationship. Although the marriage on love and passion and commitment towards each other, there are often some of the secrets that are kept well hidden from the world. The story revolves around two lives couples Saba and Joseph and Rahana and Dr. Adeel. taken Saba was amazed when Joseph meets with a fatal accident and slips into a coma. What is more worrying is that Joseph was accompanied by Rahana at the time of the accident and it's also in a coma. The pair Rahana Dr. Adel works in the same hospital and he had no idea what his wife had to do with Joseph. and signed Saba and Dr. Adeel world apart when they come to find out that each couple having an affair outside of wedlock.

Cast of Kashmakash :
Ø Sajal Ali as Saba
Ø Faisal Rehman
Ø Juggan Kazim
Ø Affan Waheed as Yousuf
Ø Seemi Raheel
Ø Hina Sultan
Ø Sanam Chaudhary as Mehreen Sultan
Ø Ayeza Khan as Shahida Rizvi

Kash Makash Drama Title Song Download.

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Bilqees Kaur Ost Title Song Download

Kaur is the biblical story of the Bible and Iqbal Bhatti, a Pakistani couple with conservative lifestyle he settled in New York in the last 30 years. Balkis is a very strong woman and works hard with her husband for their livelihood. It is running a restaurant together, and I am proud of owning a restaurant abroad. In order to maintain their traditional ways, biblical wants to marry their children in a Pakistani family. However, his younger son Sultan thinks differently and marry Suha bold and confident girl. So far, biblical royal family without any opposition, but Suha is something from them. It will change the dynamics of the family after the arrival of Suha?
Bilqees Kaur Ost Title Song Download.

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Aj Rang Hai Title Song Download

Aaj Rang Hai, is a story set in a village, which revolves around the estranged families of two landlord brothers, Mian Yakoob and Mianji.The story revolves around Aasya Yaqoob who is in love with her English professor Chouhan, but he never encourages her. Aasya's life changes the day she suddenly receives news of her father's death and discovers that her brother and sister have got married to their uncle's daughter and son respectively. The story highlights the plight of women in a male-dominated society where to find salvation; they invariably seek the help of Peers and so called spiritual healers. Where will Aasya's search for salvation drive her?

The Malkahanas once a powerful and happy family, were reduced to nothing, just because of vengeance which only led to their destruction and suffering of their women.
Aaj Rang Hai Title Song Download.

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jackson heights title song

Jackson Heights (Urdu: جیکسن ہائیٹس‎) is a 2014 Pakistani light comedy-drama serial, that follows the lives of overseas pakistanis living in Jackson Heights of New York City in Queens. It is directed by Mehreen Jabbar, written by Vasay Chaudhry and produced by Humayun Saeed and Shehzad Nasib. The serial features an ensemble cast including Marina Khan, Adeel Hussain, Aamina Sheikh, Noman Ejaz, Ali Kazmi, Adnan Jaffar, Naghma Begam and Neelofar Abbasi. It aired in India on Zindagi on 1 September 2015

Story of serial revolves around six expatriates working in Jackson Heights of New York City.
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Download JALWA Complete Song Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2015

Jawani Phir Nahi Ani - HD Official Movie... by m5870696

JALWA  Complete Song  Jawani Phir Nahi Ani Film By ARY 2015.

Bin Roye Ballay Ballay Song

Bin Roye Ballay Ballay song Official Trailer- June 13, 2015 Hum Films Presents Bin Roye A Momina Duraid Film Trailer Produced by Momina Duraid, Directed by Shahzad Kashmiri-Momina Duraid 
A story of Love and Hate 
Here is the first theatrical teaser of the most anticipated movie from Mumina Duraid Productions. Yes ladies and gentlemen, HUM Films proudly presents the first ever movie from the house of HUM Network.

Bin Roye Ballay Ballay Song by humtv

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Agar Ho Sakay Tou Video OST - Full Title Song - Urdu1 Drama

Drama: Agar Ho Sakay To Timing: Saturday 09:00 PM
Writer: Saadia Akhtar Director: Amin Iqbal
Title Song: Not Released Yet
Drama Cast:  Syed Jibran  Sunita Marshall  Noman Masood  Bilal  Haya Sehgal  Manzoor Qureshi  Shazia Shah 

Agar Ho Sakay Tou Video OST Full Title Song  Urdu1 Drama

Agar Ho Sakay Tou Video OST - Full Title Song... by brofzdotcom